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Has traffic to your website suddenly dropped? Do you think Google has manually penalized your website? Has the new Google Algorithm update damaged your site’s authority and hurt your pages’ position on SERPs?

If any of these describe your situation, you need our Google penalty recovery services! With years of experience and a portfolio filled with businesses from all around the world, Neadoo is capable of helping your website recover all its lost traffic in a matter of weeks.

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Google Penalty Recovery by Neadoo

Google Penalties can have a drastic impact on your business, and regular Google updates changing the fundamentals of their algorithm and which websites they penalize can fundamentally change the authority, traffic, and revenue generated by a site. If your site is affected, you need a professional Google penalty removal services that are capable of restoring your site to its former status – this is exactly the service we provide – read on and find out about how we’ve been able to help tens of businesses recover their traffic and save their business.

What Makes Our Service Special

With years of experience and a team filled with expertise, we’ve been able to successfully handle hundreds of SEO and SEM projects, and this includes tens of successful penalty recovery projects. We’ve been trusted by international companies from all around the world ranging from Australia to the UAE, the UK, and the US. This is due to our methodological and systematic approach to penalty recovery that is guaranteed to get results:

  • Multifaceted: one of the key successes of our recovery service is the multifaceted approach we take. We don’t look at a single aspect of the website (backlinks or keyword stuffing alone), but we recognize that the totality of the site influences its ranking and authority, and we take every aspect of the website into account when developing the recovery strategy. Our multitalented team filled with web devs, SEO specialists, SEM managers, and copywriters allows us to do this effectively.
  • Data-driven: we understand that there are a lot of SEO companies out there that promise everything and doesn’t deliver any results. We’re not like the rest – we keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) and take a data-driven approach to the recovery process.
  • Communicated results: some SEO companies try to obfuscate the results of their campaigns and bombard their clients with meaningless marketing terms and weasel words without actually delivering anything tangible. We communicate clearly with our clients and provide regular updates filled with data and charts that clearly show the progress of the project.
  • Industry best-practices: we don’t use cheap tricks to temporarily boost the site’s standing, which isn’t sustainable in the long-term. On the contrary, we use best practices in the industry recommended by the top names in the industry like Ahrefs and Moz that can create a solid foundation for your site – not only recovering all lost traffic but creating a resilient foundation that can better handle future updates and changes.

Proven Results

When you choose to work with us for your site’s penalty recovery, you should know that you’re working with a proven track record of success, and testimonies of our long-time clients aren’t the only that can act as a testimony of our success; rather, the extensive data we’ve collected from the projects we’ve worked on also testify to our success.


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Everything You Need to Know About Google Penalties

Anyone familiar with the history of search engines knows the reason why Google puts so much emphasis on penalizing (observed) low-quality sites, spammy pages, and conspiracy-peddling untrustworthy sources – Google was designed to fix these issues, to begin with. Before Google was a thing, search engines were not common and viewed as useless because most search queries returned a list of low-quality and spammy websites. It was extremely hard to find any valuable information on search engines.

How Google Fixed These Issues

Google, from its initial inception, was designed with the idea of keeping low-quality, spammy websites out of the search engine results page. It was Google’s main selling point against its competitors. To that end, they implemented many algorithms that detect and demote sites that appear spammy, low-quality, peddling false information, etc. Through this, Google designed an extensive penalty system that managed to successfully penalize any site that doesn’t adhere to its guidelines.

Algorithm Updates – Essential to Understanding Google Penalties

Google constantly tries to refine and update its algorithms to deal with a changing Internet landscape. As you can see here, Google releases periodic updates to its algorithm a couple of times each year – these algorithms can range from small and inconsequential updates that affect only a small part of keyword rankings, or they could be completely transformative affecting entire sectors and completely transforming certain sectors online.

The Reason Why Recovery Approaches are Named After Algorithm Updates

If you’ve been reading about Google penalties, you realize that they’re referred to by the name of recent Google search algorithm updates, e.g. penguin penalties, BERT penalties, etc. and you need to understand the reason for these naming schemes to fully understand Google penalties and how to recover from them. With each update, Google attempts to increase the quality of the search engine results pages and try to penalize the websites that abuse its algorithms and don’t provide value for Google Search Engine users. This is essentially why you see ‘penguin recovery service’, ‘penguin penalty’, etc. Because, with each major update, many websites get penalized for abuse, low-quality content, etc. and they generally associate it with the major update’s name.

Understanding This Mechanism is Necessary to Come Up with An Effective Response

When your website is hit with an algorithmic penalty, usually, the best way to pinpoint and diagnose the problem is by looking at the most recent Google Search Algorithm update. By learning what has changed in the way Google penalizes websites, attributes value to web pages, and determines a site’s authority, you can reasonably guess at why your site has been penalized.

Different Types of Google Penalties – Different Approaches

Manual Penalties

According to Google Webmasters, Google submits more than 250,000 manual actions against websites each month. This is more than 2 million sites each year, an insanely high number. only 10% of these sites ever file a “reconsideration” forum appealing the action and trying to restore their traffic. This means most websites that Google manually penalizes don’t ever have their traffic restored. The way you recover from the Google penalty when it is manual is fundamentally different from the way you recover from automatic penalties. You need Google penalty recovery services that recognize the differences between the two types of penalties and employ approaches that successfully restore your site’s standing and traffic that is suitable to the kind of penalty you’re facing. In the case of manual penalties, you need to file a reconsideration forum after you implement the necessary content-side and technical-side updates that makes Google no longer consider your website ‘spam’ or ‘low-quality’. This could be all-encompassing site-wide changes or more specific and limited to certain pages – it depends on the reasons for the penalties, their extent, and your site.

Automatic Algorithmic Penalties

Despite the 250,000 manual actions each month, the majority of the penalties still come from algorithms that automatically detect abuse / ‘low quality’ and automatically penalize websites without any human action by people at Google. Automatic penalties are fundamentally different from manual penalties, and you need a Google penalty recovery service that treats it differently and comes up with plans and approaches that are best to handle algorithmic penalties. Furthermore, algorithmic penalties can be further divided into subsections depending on which update has resulted in your website being penalized. If your website has been penalized by the BERT-update, then you likely have problems stemming from low-quality content that isn’t related to the keywords you’re targeting or are ‘low-quality’, ‘have poor grammar’, etc. If your website was penalized as the successive penguin updates were rolling out, it is likely you have issues with low-quality backlinks and require a Google penguin recovery service that’s tailor-made for your needs.

Answers to Your Questions

Why Would My Company Need an SEO Expert?

SEO experts are equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully manage SEO in your business. Generally, business managers with no prior training don’t have the expertise required to be able to successfully manage their SEO, which will hurt them in the long-run, as organic traffic is one of the most vital sources of revenue from a website. You need SEO experts to help you create and manage an SEO campaign that builds your brand, increases conversion rates, and helps drive more organic traffic to your site.

How Much Will a Recovery Take?

Again, this is very much determined on a case-by-case basis, but, generally, you can expect to recover all lost traffic with four to eight weeks.

How Successfully Can My Business Recover From Google Penalty?

It depends on the severity of the penalty, the reasons for the penalty, and the type of the penalty, but, generally, the success rate is as high as 90%. Google doesn’t want to penalize value-providing websites, and once you fix the aspects they take issue with, your traffic should be restored.

How Much Will a Recovery Cost?

Depends on the size of your site, the scope of the recovery, the reasons for the loss of traffic, and much more. It is hard to give a flat fee – that’s why we welcome you to contact us directly so we can discuss your project in more detail!

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